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My research started in 2004 when my husband experienced TGA (transient global amnesia) from Lipitor. Finding Dr Duane Graveline and others that were also looking for answers is what formed the idea for me to host a website. I also manage a Yahoo! support group (currently 600+ members) which was started by another statin damaged victim who became too ill to run the group.
My husband is still experiencing cognitive issues, a right hand tremor and is now on anti-seizure medication due to a grand mal seizure August, 2009. We recently found a doctor that administers IV chelation as my husband also has heavy metal toxicity. He's also receiving infusions of phosphatidylcholine which helps those with neuro-toxicity. And lots of supplements.

Update February, 2011

My husband's condition continues to decline. Interventions and treatments have had little effects at halting neurological damage.

Update April 29, 2013

My husband and best friend of 45 years, died home. A complete autopsy disclosed 4 different dementia's: temporal frontal lobe (severe atrophy of frontal lobe), Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Lewy Body. There are (unfortunately) no "tests" during autopsy that can prove collateral damage from statin drugs. A few doctors that currently understand the damage that can be caused by statins reviewed the results and conclude that statins were most likely the cause of his severe neurological damage, especially since there is no family history of any of the dementia's.


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Love moving back to Connecticut. Florida was: too hot, too long, too flat, too boring.

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